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Sermons from Victory Baptist Church

Preacher Bezet The I wills of 2009

Brother Willard Thomas Over the Wall

Danny Bezet Sermon : The Touch of God Brings Spiritual Success

Danny Bezet Sermon : Stand Fast

Brother Willard Thomas

The Power of Choice

Preacher Bezet
The Old Story

The Great Hope

God's Stimulus Plan

Youth Pastor Mike Powell

The Biggest Turkey in Texas

Jeff Allison Evangelist Preaching Sermon

How to Pray for a Missionary

Preaching by Kurt Labouve

Psalm 146:5 by Kurt La Bouve

Preachin by Chris Dallas

What you get when you run to Jesus

Preaching by Brother Willard Thomas

God's rainbow in Your Cloud

Missionary to Brazil Bob Nichols

Missionary to Brazil Bob Nichols : Faithfulness Sermon

Preaching by Brother Willard Thomas

Three things about Him

There has come a Man

Calvary and the Passover Lamb

LaInglasia Bautista Victoria

Dios Dice

Singing For Jesus
Lester Roloff Singing for Jesus

Old Time Preaching by Lester Rolof
The Gospel Perverts or Jesus

Danny Bezet Touch Me Again Lord # 11

Lester Rolof Saved by the Blood

Lester Rolof The Application of Hebrews

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