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Dear Pastors,

I just wanted to brag on Jesus a little if you will let me. Many of you prayed for us here at Oakside for our revival and citywide outreach with Evangelist Bob Holmes last week. I can honestly say that our Lord did “exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think”….

…We prayed and invited and worked all week for the Thursday night rally held in the largest gym in our county, seating capacity of 1200….

…Our folks were watching and honestly, close to 700-800 hands went up. I have never experienced any thing like it!...

…We had 287 response cards turned in to the glory of God!!! As we sorted through them, there were whole families who made decisions for Christ, teachers at the schools who had seen him earlier and then come back, some of the players too!!...

…We had great services Sunday with 6 new families that visited for the first time, all as a result of being exposed to our ministry on Thursday. Many people enquired about our church and where we are and many, including the school leaders and administration thanked us for bringing such a “positive message” to the kids of Troup County….

…Sunday night we had a 2 hour church service as the testimonies and praises started and seemed like they would never end. Folks who have not publicly spoken since I have been here, testified to what God did in their heart and how they rejoiced at what they had seen and heard….. Some were able to witness to folks that were there who could not get into the gym and were heart broken at the stories and hurts of the people they met. One of our men wept as he relayed “ They packed out a gym and were hungry to hear the message. God broke my heart that we have not done enough to take the message to them”….

Dear Pastor please read this exciting news that just happened (February 2008) at Oakside Baptist Church with Pastor Stephen Curry. This is far bigger than a game.

Thanks for your help with our revival with Bob, and I do mean revival. Our people were energized like never before and worked harder and prayed more fervently for this meeting than anything anyone can remember for a very long time. God really blessed and the impact is still being felt all over our city. We had 6 families visit our church for the first time Sunday as a result of the rally Thursday night. We literally packed out the gym with 1400 people and at the invitation there was a sea of hands that went up. You ought to see the video!! We had 287 folded cards turned in and our folks are overjoyed at what God did for us and are excited about the prospects of follow-up. We had a 45 minute testimony time Sunday night that turned into a service all by itself. God breathed on our church last week and I do not believe that we will ever be the same. God is so good!!

Time is Short so we must act immediately. We must work as fellow-laborers in the Lord's field to reach them while we can. Thanks again for visiting my site and if you have any question feel free to ask. If you do not already have a Christian Club in the local schools this is a great way to get to the know school officials better and to have an open door once I leave town. Please Pray for me that the Door will remain open and that we can reach them while there is still hope.

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