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Audio Sermons by Independent Fundamental Baptists

Baptist Church Texas

The Touch of God brings spiritual success

The Old Story

God's Stimulus Plan

Calvary and the Passover Lamb

Never Surrender

Dis is the Reason

Are you Ready to LEAVE YOUR WORLD?

the Curse of Poverty

God Can

Grace and Mercy Part 1

Grace and Mercy Part 2

It Could Happen in a Moment

The Best Gifts are Free

Depend on God

Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled

Some Don't, Some Won't, But I Will

What a Christian Is?

Heavenly Banking

Despise not Prophesying : Preaching

Can You Hear Me Now

The I wills of 2009

Stand Fast

The Great Hope

There has come a Man

There is Glory in the Church

Making your Home Smoother

Hard Times, Hard Places

Hemlock in the Furrows

Roadblock to God's Blessings

A Tribute to Mothers

Don't Ignore the Warning

I Need Help With My Anger

Be Still and Know...

Be Ye Thankful...

Be Strong in God's Grace

Heaven that Precious Place

A Man's Masculine Relationship with Women

the Rock Solid Home

The Children Shall Play in the Streets

Are You There???

Touch Me Again Lord # 11

Sunday School Sermon Lessons

Psalm 33 : Sunday School Service

This Place, the Church : Sunday School Sermon

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